BMW System 3


One of our most popular BMW packages, this system will really transform the sound in your BMW.



System 3 adds 2 x Audison APBMW S8 subwoofers to System 2.

The factory woofers are 6″ and simply cannot keep up with the outputs we have come to expect in a decent Car audio system. The Audison woofers are 8″ and designed to perform in the factory locations. They can handle more power and are in our opinion the best OE replacement woofer available for BMWs.

The Audison woofers combined with the Hertz Amplifier are a great combo and the whole system now sounds amazing. The Audison Components fitted to the front doors give clear, crisp sound whilst the under seat Audison Woofers provide the bass one expected in a car like this.

This system will take a full day to install and includes the following:

Audison Prima 2 way component speakers (coaxial if no factory tweeter mounting location)

Hertz 4 channel Amplifer

2 x Audison 8″ under seat Subwoofers

Sound deadening material