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Frequently Asked Questions 


Can you get WiFi for a motorhome?

Yes you can. However, because you cannot have a fixed phone line coming into your motorhome, access to the internet is limited to mobile broadband, or through a satellite dish. Both of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages and will depend entirely on your budget or your preference.


What is the best WiFi for motorhomes?

There is no “best” wifi and the quality of the connection will depend on a lot of factors that determine what type of wifi will best suit your motorhome. Satellite internet is usually implemented onto your motorhome which can sometimes require no installation, while mobile wifi requires installation but is often more expensive and limited to five devices.


How good is motorhome WiFi?

Motorhome wifi can be tricky as it relies solely on the connection surrounding the area that your motorhome is on. Both satellite and MiFi are effective in providing ideal WiFi for all motorhomes and their effectiveness will simply depend on the type of MiFi broadband or satellite you own in your motorhome.