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Our range of car accessories includes a variety of products, including dash cams, hands-free kits, heated seats, parking sensors and reversing cameras. We only provide the very best in-car accessories that have been tried and tested in our own demo vehicles. In addition, we only work with leading brands such as Alpine, Road Angel and Thinkware.

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Car Accessories FAQs


What are the most popular car accessories?

The most popular, generic car accessories include GPS systems, Bluetooth devices, and mobile apps for navigation. These types of car accessories help drivers navigate unfamiliar roads, find gas stations, restaurants, and other points of interest. They also allow drivers to listen to music while driving, which helps them relax and stay alert at the same time.

Alternatively, the most popular car security accessories include: remote starters, alarm systems, anti-theft devices, and GPS tracking systems. Remote starters allow drivers to start their cars from inside their homes, while anti-theft devices prevent thieves from stealing vehicles. Anti-theft devices also help protect against vandalism and theft. Finally, GPS tracking systems help police find stolen cars.

Do wheel clamps deter theft?

Wheel clamps are designed to be attached to the rim of the wheels, which makes them difficult for thieves to remove. They also provide a visual deterrent from vandals who might want to damage the tires.

However, they do not prevent theft when they are solely used, since they are easily removed from wheels. However, they may be useful when used in conjunction with other security measures such as locks, alarms, and cameras.

How can I add more security to my car?

Adding security to your vehicle is easy, just follow these steps: 

  1. Install a steering wheel lock
  2. Remove all keys from ignition 
  3. Lock doors 
  4. Use a remote keyless entry system 
  5. Keep valuables out of sight 
  6. Avoid leaving windows open
  7. Make sure that your garage door is closed
  8. Park in well-lit areas
  9. Don't leave anything valuable inside your vehicle
  10. Be careful when driving at night 
  11. If someone breaks into your car, call the police 
  12. Always keep your car locked

How does the Ghost Immobiliser work?

The Ghost Immobiliser is one of the best car security accessories available and works by sending out a signal which stops all vehicles from moving for up to 30 minutes. The signal is sent via radio waves, and is activated when a vehicle enters the area covered by the device. Once the driver has stopped, they must then press a button on the immobiliser to reactivate the system.

Do car alarms actually deter theft?

Car alarms do work, and a thief may panic if your alarm starts going off, but they don't always stop thieves from stealing cars. 

Instead, the best way to prevent car thefts is to remove many valuables from the vehicle, lock the doors, and park in well lit areas. If you want to be safe, then you should also install a tracking device in your vehicle, and hide it well to ensure a thief is unable to find it.