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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Pandora security?

Pandora is a renowned brand of automobile alarm systems that were created and manufactured in Russia by car alarm experts. The Pandora safety system offers the highest degree of protection to drivers, as well as a variety of innovative features, including the highly sought-after remote start.


Are Pandora alarms sufficiently protected against hackers?

Yes. Pandora's products are built to deliver unbeatable security that vehicle manufactures cannot offer. A 128-bit interactive algorithm protects wireless communication between certain system components. This, in addition to the GPRS protocol's communication architecture, renders the network completely impenetrable to electronic assaults.


Is Pandora Light Pro worth it?

Yes. As a result of its Bluetooth 5.0 communication interface, The Pandora Light Pro is a great car security system that enables 2-way management and smartphone app control. The Pandora light pro safeguards your car against vehicle theft, including key cloning via the OBD port. It also allows you to safely lock and unlock the vehicle using the remote when the Pandora immobiliser tag is within close range of the automobile.


What happens if the vehicle is started by the remote control?

During the remote-control start, the car is entirely protected. Any effort to circumvent it will set off the alarm and disable the engine.


How does Pandora tracking work?

Your OEM auto remote, Pandora app, Bluetooth tags, or a web browser may all be used The information gathered will be saved in your event history, allowing you to determine when, where, and why your vehicle alarm was activated.