BMW System 4


Our System 4 is for the real Audiophiles amongst us. Leaving your car after a journey will be not be easy after listening to music the way the artist intended.



This package is for the Audiophiles amongst us and replaces the Hertz 4 channel Amplifier we use in System 2 and 3 with the Audison AP4.9bit. The Bit DSP equipped 4-channel Prima amplifiers powerful on-board processor adds a new dimension in sound customisation and allows us to completely time align the speakers and set up the car to sound amazing. Designed to overcome the problems inherent in car design and the low priority always given to sound reproduction in your BMW the Prima will enthuse, excite and engage. We will tune the system to really bring the sound stage upwards and the reproduction of music will sound like you are listening in a concert.

This system can only be described as unbelievable and is a ten fold increase on your factory sound. Listening to music in your car will really be an experience.

This system usually takes 2 days to complete but if booked in with enough notice we can get 2 technicians working together to complete in a day and includes the following:

Audison Prima 2 way component speakers (coaxial if no factory tweeter mounting location)

Audison AP4.9Bit Amplifier

2 x Audison 8″ under seat Subwoofers

Sound deadening material

(The Ap4.9Bit Amplifier has the option to add an Audison Bit DRC controller at an extra cost of £159.99)