We have been upgrading Car Audio Systems for 20 years and feel we can make any Vehicle sound better than it does. We have customers come to us who have spent thousands on a home audio system yet only listen to it when watching a movie at home. Yet that same person is driving there car around for 2 hours a day. Why not make the driving experience more enjoyable?

Most Cars including so-called High end cars actually sound pretty awful from the factory. This is down to Manufacturers using cheap mass produced components and trying to keep costs low. Even upgraded systems from Manufacturers which are usually priced extortionately sound average at best. We believe that with our experience and knowledge we can build you a phenomenal sound system for your vehicle which you will look forward to listening to on a daily basis and be proud of.

We offer a free Audio consultation as we believe everyone’s musical preference is different so feel we need to get a feel of what you enjoy listening to and how you like your music. This will help us to build your dream system.

We only use the very best equipment available which we have tried and tested and feel comfortable to use in our own demo vehicles. We are Authorised dealers for Alpine, Audison, Hertz, Focal, Rainbow, Eton and Vibe.

Please feel free to book in for an Audio Consultation with one of our specialist staff now by calling us on 0121 326 8877.