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Frequently Asked Questions


How do heated car seats work?

A heating coil – a lengthy piece of wire that conducts electricity – is installed beneath the vehicle's seat cover to make heated car seats operate. The current flowing through the coil is resistive, rendering the heating coil as a resistor. Friction is then created as a result of the resistance, and heat is generated.


Why should I invest in heated seats?

Only new automobiles come with heated seats. As a result, heated car seats are in high demand and for good reason. Heated car seats warm you up considerably faster than the standard heaters fitted inside cars. This makes them especially useful in winter months. Heated seats for cars can also help alleviate back pain.


Do heated seats drain the car battery?

No, the radio, lights, and heated seats will only deplete the car’s battery if the car’s functions are being used while the engine is switched off.