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Frequently Asked Questions 


How does satellite TV work in a motorhome?

A satellite TV uses a combination of both a TV aerial and a satellite dish. With both of these equipment applied into your caravan, you can receive hundreds of television channels, similar to what would work on the TV located at your own home.


How does motorhome WIFI work?

Motorhomes commonly use MiFis (Mobile Wifi Routers) or a personal hotspot in order to acquire internet connection. In other words, it’s using your smartphone or tablet as a motorhome wifi router, which takes the 4g signal and sharing it with other devices in your motorhome, creating a wifi internet system within your vehicle.


Is it easier to install a satellite TV yourself?

To get a satellite TV in your motorhome, you need to identify whether you have a media box, portable satellite dish, or a roof mounted satellite dish. All of these options allow you to easily install satellite TVs into your home. If you need advice or expert guidance on this, visit our services page for help.


What is the best caravan satellite dish?

Depending on your budget, satellite TVs can cost up to £2800, but if you are looking for a high-quality satellite dish with minimal disruption to your TV, we recommend acquiring a satellite dish that is portable (such as a Sky Satellite Tripod).