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All of our caravan security systems are extensively tested by our selves and we only recommend systems that we know provide the reliability and quality that our customers expect. Our motorhome and caravan security range includes alarm systems, motion sensors, immobiliser systems and simple but effective locker covers.

In addition, we also provide a range of motorhome and caravan accessories designed to make your journey and stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. Our range of motorhome accessories includes sat nav systems, air conditioning, motorhome reversing cameras and WiFi.

For expert advice on what security systems and accessories are best suited for your motorhome or caravan, please get in touch with our sales team by calling us on 0121 326 8877 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Motorhome & Caravan Security FAQs

How do you stop a motorhome or caravan being stolen?

The best way to prevent motorhome theft and ensure campervan security is to lock all doors and windows when driving away from home. If you leave your vehicle unattended for any length of time, park it in a well lit area where someone could easily steal it. Also, don't leave valuables inside your vehicle such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

For further security, you should invest into motorhome and caravan security products and accessories. MotorGuard retails several caravan security products, available here

Do I need an alarm on my motorhome or caravan?

An alarm is essential for any vehicle – especially when travelling long distances to unfamiliar places. Alarms help protect against theft, fire, and other dangers while driving. Investing in a good-quality and high-performance alarm may moreover be the difference between a thief getting away with your vehicle or not, so we recommend speaking to a professional to discuss the best option for your specific needs. 

In addition, an alarm system is important for caravans because they are often left unattended overnight or when you are travelling. 

If someone breaks into your caravan while you're away, then an alarm could save you a significant amount of money and time on police reports. Note that alarms should be installed professionally and should always be tested at least once a month.

How safe is a motorhome? 

A motorhome is considered one of the safest vehicles available, as some individuals utilise these vehicles for not only transport, but for habitation purposes. 

The main advantage of a motorhome is that it has a large living space, which makes it ideal for families who want to vacation together. Motorhomes also offer great flexibility when travelling, since they can be parked at campsites and rented out to other travellers.

As such, a motorhome is extremely safe because it has a lot of safety and security features, including:

If you do not like driving, then you should consider finding a space to secure your motorhome, such as a driveway. 

Do campervans get stolen?

Campervans are usually parked at campsites, meaning they are less likely to be broken into due to the number of people in close proximity. However, they do occasionally get stolen. 

To mitigate risk, if you park in a public area, keep valuables out of sight, lock all windows and doors, and don't leave anything valuable inside. Also, consider purchasing a security system or tracker for your campervan.

Are motorhome trackers worth it?

Motorhome trackers are useful for tracking your vehicle when you're away from home. They work by allowing you to monitor your car remotely, and they also provide alerts if your vehicle breaks down. Unfortunately, their use is limited, as they don't provide any information about how long the vehicle was parked, nor do they tell you when the vehicle left.

However, these devices aren't cheap, and they don't always work well. If you want to know where your vehicle is at all times, then a GPS tracker might be better suited for you, particularly if you live in an area renowned for car or vehicle theft.