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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if a speed camera catches you speeding?

If a speeding camera detects a driver speeding, it will take a digital image. This image will capture the vehicle’s make, colour and registration plate, in order to retrieve the driver’s registered address from the DVLA. The date and time of the offence will also be recorded in addition to the driver’s speed and road’s speed limit. Depending on the type of camera and the direction it is pointed, the driver’s face may also be photographed.

The motorist will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) within two weeks after being apprehended. A £100 fine and three points on your licence is the typical minimum penalty for speeding. However, if this is the driver’s first offence and they do not currently possess any points on their licence, they may instead be required to enrol onto a speed awareness course.

Please note that the fine may be higher if the driver has been caught significantly above the speed limit.

In some circumstances, the driver may be served with a court summons.


How accurate are speed camera detectors?

Speed cameras have become an important component of a national campaign to minimise traffic accidents. However, original Gatso speed cameras are not always accurate as reports reveal they have on occasion, flashed even when not properly activated by a speeding car. Vehicles travelling in the other way have also been known to cause them to flash. However, newer digital SPECS average speed cameras are more dependable as speed is computed by time as opposed to road markings.

In addition, speed cameras have a modest margin of error for minor speeding violations. So, if you believe you should have been caught but weren't, the camera's accuracy isn't necessarily questioned as your speed may have been inside the acceptable range.


How do you know if a speed camera caught you?

If you pass a flashing speed camera, the only way to know if you were caught is if the car's registered owner receives a warning from the local police department within 14 days. This will arrive by post.