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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best TV for a motorhome?

The best TV for a motorhome depends entirely on the type of motorhome you have and the quality you want for your motorhome TV. There are three types of TVs you can get for a motorhome, Digital TVs, Online/Catch Up TVs and Satellite TVs.

Digital TVs are what most people have in their homes, which includes a Freeview and common television channels, while satellite TVs are more reliable for secluded areas (areas that motorhomes might park in) and online watching can simply be watched anywhere as long as you have reliable wifi.


How do you install a TV in a motorhome?

Depending on the type of TV you have (Digital, Satellite or Online), it can be relatively easy and cheap to install.

Because satellite TVs are the most common TVs used in motorhomes, we will be outlining the right way to install a satellite TV. You will need a satellite dish which you can quickly set up by acquiring a tripod (or a suction pad), once applied onto the roof of your motorhome, you will then need to align it.


Do you need a 12V TV for a motorhome?

You will only need a 12V T if you only intend to watch a TV when you are plugged into mains in a campsite. This is because a 12V TV runs off of your motorhome’s leisure battery, and without the 12V capability of your TV, you will not be able to watch your TV at your motorhome.


How do I get the best TV signal in my motorhome?

To get the best TV signal in your motorhome, you will need additional equipment such as an RF choker and knot filter, which are capable of fully mitigating any disruption or interference from your satellite dish.


What’s the best aerial for a motorhome?

The best caravan aerial is the Vision Plus 570, which we as a company can highly recommend for any of our hired caravans or motorhomes. This is because of its effectiveness for receiving the best possible reception for your TV, as well as the included features such as a VP5 booster and a signal finder.