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As car alarm and vehicle security specialists in the Midlands, we strive to put our customers at the forefront of everything we do. Our expert technicians have extensive experience fitting car and van security products and will be able to help you find the perfect product for your vehicle.

As authorized dealers for most Car Security manufacturers, you can rest assured that you will receive the best in both product range and advice. In addition, we are the only Platinum Approved Pandora dealer in the Midlands, ensuring your car security system will be fitted to the highest standard.

To find your perfect vehicle security product browse our extensive range below. If you require any further information about any of the products we have to offer or can’t quite find what you’re looking for, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and our sales team will be more than happy to help you.


Car Security FAQs


What is the best way to secure a car?

The best way to secure a vehicle is to use a car security system. A car security system includes several features, including car alarms, immobilisers, and remote start systems

Alarms are used to alert authorities when someone enters your car, while immobilisers prevent thieves from stealing your car. Remote start systems allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, which makes it easier for you to park your car at work.

Often, visual measures such as the sticker of an alarm brand, such as a Viper alarm logo might be enough to deter a potential thief! Alternatively, custom car alarms can be used to ensure you are getting the exact level of protection you require, based on the model of your vehicle and the requirements of your environment. 

Which car alarm system is the best? 

The best car alarm system is entirely dependent on several factors, such as the model of car you own and the surrounding environment. An alarm may be a sufficient means of car security in a built-up area, when an immobiliser or a remote start system may be more effective in secluded areas where others are not likely to hear an alarm. 

Some of the outstanding brands we stock at MotorGuard, selling all types of car alarms, include:

What car has the best security? 

Many modern cars have their own in-built car security system using the latest technology.

For example, some models have advanced technologies such as anti-theft systems, GPS tracking devices, and remote keyless entry. 

The safest cars are those that do not require any keys to start them. This means they are either automatic or use keyless entry systems, with models of car including the Toyota Prius, Nissan Versa and Tesla Model S. For added security, you should always park your vehicle in a well lit area where someone can see you. Also, never leave valuables inside your vehicle.

However, these features come at a price, which may be too high for some consumers. If you want to keep your vehicle safe from theft for an affordable cost, you should consider using a steering wheel lock, car alarm system, and immobiliser.

How can I stop someone from stealing my car?

The best way to prevent theft is to lock your doors and windows when you leave your vehicle unattended and invest in a sensitive car alarm system that will go off when your vehicle is touched. A car motion sensor is also a great tool, activating any CCTV or lighting that may deter or aid to solve a crime. 

If you do not want to use a remote keyless entry system, then you should install a deadbolt lock or an immobiliser

While not a preventative measure, if you can afford to install a tracking device into your car, it is worth doing so – particularly if you own a high-value or unique vehicle. This way, when your car is stolen, the police can track down the thief using the GPS signal emitted by the tracking device.

Note that you should always keep your valuables out of sight or hidden in your glove compartment. Leaving your valuables on display is an excellent way to entice a thief to not only break into your car, but to steal your vehicle too!