Car Security Installation Coventry

Car security installation specialists near Coventry. Find us from Earlsdon, Allesley, Binley, and the wider Coventry and Birmingham area.

Whenever you buy a vehicle security system from us, we will install the system free of charge at our security specialist facility near Coventry.

How to book your car security installation near Coventry

We are located at:

Unit 2 Birmingham Trade Park, 

Kingsbury Road, 



B24 9PS.

You will receive free installation of your new car security system if you purchase it from us.

Services that can be booked include:

Car Tracker Installation Near Coventry

The GPS tracking of a car tracker allows you to keep track of your vehicle wherever it is.

Our car trackers include Cobra, Meta, Esa Trak and SmarTrack, all of which are major brands in the car security industry.

Our mechanics near Coventry have extensive experience fitting car trackers.

Car Alarm System Installation Near Coventry

Many vehicles don’t come with a reliable alarm system as part of the standard package, so it’s always a good idea to get your own.
At MotorGuard, we stock and instal a number of car alarm products from Autowatch, Meta, Pandora, Toad, Clifford and Viper.

Car Immobiliser Installation Near Coventry

Secure your vehicle and belongings with an immobiliser installed by MotorGuard in order to keep them safe and secure.

Immobilisers such as the Ghost, Pandora, and the Thatcham-approved Cobra, provide maximum vehicle security.

Why trust Motorguard is the best car alarm system installation and security installation near Coventry

As a leading supplier of car security near Coventry and the Birmingham area, MotorGuard is proud to offer:

  • A 20-year history of providing customers with vehicle security solutions.
  • A commitment to excellent customer service drives everything we do.
  • Best prices for the best quality products.
  • State-of-the-art premises near Coventry.
  • The best technical training possible for its staff.
  • All parts and labour covered by a 12-month warranty.
  • Installation of a car security system near Coventry is certified by Thatcham and Tassa.
  • Midlands only approved Platinum Pandora Car Alarms dealer.
  • We are the only Midlands-based security dealer authorised by every major manufacturer.

Installation for car tracking, alarms & Ghost immobilisers near Coventry and the Birmingham area

We work incredibly hard to provide the best car alarm system installation, and the best security installations across Coventry and Birmingham. With this service, you can visit a security company in person, where we can explain the installation in detail and answer any questions you may have.

We offer everything worth considering when choosing a security system for your car, from Pandora Car Alarms to Clifford Car Alarms and Autowatch Ghost Immobilisers.

Our highly trained professional team fits all the car security installations we offer in compliance with insurance company, governing body, and Thatcham Research standards.


What are your opening hours?

Opening Hours:
Monday:    9am–5pm
Tuesday:    9am–5pm
Wednesday:    9am–5pm
Thursday:    9am–5pm
Friday:    9am–5pm
Saturday:    Closed
Sunday:    Closed
We are happy for people to pop in if they have questions, or want to find out more about a service. If you can’t make it to Birmingham to do this, you can call us for more information.

Why is it important to have a car tracker installed?

It is estimated that one car is stolen in the UK every five minutes, making vehicle security a crucial concern. Using a GPS car tracker, you can track your vehicle from anywhere at any time, meaning that the authorities can be notified of its location if it is stolen.

We are proud to offer meticulous tracker fitting services, providing thorough services and quality checks so that your tracker cannot fall out or have problems. With 12-month warranties on parts and labour, you can rest assured that we will provide a high-quality tracker fitting.

Can I do the installation myself?

We have seen some bad installs in our time, from falling out, to having problems working.

In the event that your car is stolen and the thief finds the security system after it has been installed, the thief may be able to simply remove it. This will not happen, however, if it is correctly installed.

Installing a Ghost immobiliser on a Range Rover would require an installer to strip the vehicle, locate the harness, program, fit, hide, and then commission the immobiliser, then rebuild the vehicle. The car must then be registered with Tassa, and identification stickers must be added, so in case it is ever stolen, the police can recover it. 

This process cannot be done in a short amount of time, or by anyone who is not a security installation specialist.

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