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Frequently Asked Questions


What is cruise control?

Cruise control enables automatic monitoring and control of the speed of your vehicle. This is a feature that typically helps reduce all fatigue that drivers experience during long-distance trips, and is commonly ideal for drivers that need to take a quick break from driving.


What are the benefits of cruise control?

There are a lot of benefits of cruise control that makes the feature a commonly beloved aspect for drivers. The most important benefit of cruise control is the ability to drive your vehicle automatically to an extent, allowing you to rest or grab something during long-distance driving.

If you are conscious about the effects your vehicle might be having on the environment, cruise control offers good fuel economy as the lack of pressure on the gas pedal reduces the consumption of fuel. There are plenty of other benefits you can take advantage of with cruise control, such as avoiding speeding and better comfort for drivers.


What is adaptive cruise control?

Adaptive Cruise Control is an upgraded version of cruise control designed to help vehicles maintain a safe distance between other cars, as well as cruising within the speed limit. Adaptive Cruise Control (or ACC) essentially functions through sensory technology in vehicles, using cameras, lasers and radar equipment to identify its distance between another vehicle, object or anything along the road.


How to use cruise control

There should be a button at the end of the control stalk (typically behind the lower right side of the steering wheel). It is also important to build your speed before turning your cruise control on as it will maintain that speed while the system is activated. Cruise control should also only be used when the traffic is at its absolute minimum, or when traffic is practically non-existent and you can safely drive without worrying about crashing into another vehicle.


How does cruise control work?

Cruise control is a form of auto-pilot for cars and works as an electronic system that fixes your vehicle’s accelerator at a specified speed that the driver would apply while the system is activated.