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Frequently Asked Questions


Are reverse cameras easy to install?

Fitting a reverse camera can be a difficult job, and we highly recommend having a reverse camera fitted by an auto expert. Luckily, Motorhome and Caravans LTD has a dedicated service and repair that can actively help with this.


How to choose the best motorhome reversing camera?

When choosing a motorhome reversing camera, you have to think about a lot of different factors that can affect the quality of your equipment. The most important features you need to consider are the quality of the camera feed and the quality of its fitting capabilities. You can often check the feed of the camera in the shop.


How do you connect a reversing camera to a car?

Install the camera above the caravan’s rear license plate, which can be easily applied with screws. Once done, run the power wires through the car and connect them to a separate screen that can be mounted where you can see the feed easily – which would commonly be the dashboard.


How do you install a reversing camera in a caravan?

Installing a reverse camera onto a caravan can be relatively similar to a car. However, the position of the camera screen can differ depending on the style of your caravan. The wiring that connects the camera to your screen will also need to be passed through the floor of your caravan to effectively connect both types of equipment to each other.


Do wireless reversing cameras work on caravans?

Wireless reversing cameras will work on caravans, yes! However, it will also depend on the type of rear view camera you pick from your local store. If you need any advice on what type of reversing camera you want to put on your caravan or motorhome, feel free to drop us a message and we can help you out.