Range Rover Audio Upgrade System 1


A Range Rover Audio Upgrade to match the striking good looks of the car. This is the system Land Rover should have fitted in the first place.



The first step in any Audio upgrade is for us to completely sound treat the doors. The Range Rover actually suffers quite badly from rattles in the door when the system volume is turned up.

This problem is rectified when the doors have been treated with our sound dampening material.

Once the doors have been treated we can turn our attention to upgrading the speakers in the door. Here we use the brilliant and very musical Audison Voce Speakers. We use a 3” Midrange driver and fit this using in house speaker adaptors. We also replace the factory tweeter with the awesome sounding Voce Tweeter.

Next we turn our attention to the bass. Here we use an Audison 10” Active enclosure which we can on some models fit behind the rear quarter panel so it is totally discreet and takes up zero space. We also once again sound deaden the floor area and the rear quarter panel which helps cut down on vibrations and allows the bass to be focused within the cabin. A Bass controller is also added up front within reach of the driver so you can adjust the amount of bass to your own desire.

After carrying out this upgrade the car will sound so much better. The vocals will be crystal clear and more defined and the high end will be sharp and crisp. The vibrating low quality bass will be replaced by a deep and controlled bass which will satisfy even the hard bass heads amongst us.

Please watch the video below for further information and feel free to contact us should you have any questions or wish to customise the system to your own requirements.