Abarth Audio Stage 3


Wow!!! This Abarth Audio system will give you one of the best sounding Abarths on the road. Concert like performance will make you want to go out for a drive just to listen to the music.



This is the Abarth Audio package we have in our own Abarth 595. Anyone who has had a demo of our car will agree that the car sounds amazing.

This package includes our Stage 1 & 2 upgrades and adds a 4 channel Audison Amplifier with DSP and time alignment. This allows us to run your new front speakers fully active meaning all front speakers have a channel from the Amplifier to drive them Individually giving more power and more importantly full control to us.

We can now time align your system to perfection. Time Alignment and DSP allows us to re create a whole new musical experience in your car.

If you close your eyes you will feel the artist singing from the centre of your windscreen.

Anyone considering upgrading there Abarths Audio system is invited to pop in store for a demo of our own Abarth.

We recently ran a side by side comparison against a Beats Audio equipped Abarth and there was simply no competition. Our Abarth blows it away in every way possible.