Introducing Maxview Roam, a powerful mobile Wi-Fi solution designed to provide uncompromised internet connectivity, even in remote and rural locations. Our powerful roof mount antenna has been designed to maximise 3G/4G signal.

Coupled with the router, this creates a reliable and secure Wi-Fi hotspot for your vehicle. Unlike other products, the Roam can also receive Wi-Fi sources, so you are only using data when necessary.

The router is designed to work with any data service provider, alongside your choice of Pay As You Go or monthly contract. So you can use whatever network works best for you.

We offer a 12GB or 24GB Three Network SIM card. (Sold separately).


Simple Installation

Self adhesive pad and clamp provides quick and easy permanent through the roof installation. Once installed simply plug and play.

Static and Mobile Connectivity

Providing connectivity when stationary and whilst on the move.

Plug and Play Router

Specifically designed for your vehicle, it features a durable Aluminium housing. Its compact size and cupboard mounting bracket ensures a neat installation.

Dimensions: A. 240mm B. 115mm C. 25mm


  • Secure Internet Browsing  Uses advanced password encryption methods to ensure your internet connection remains secure
  • Family Friendly Browsing  Bespoke website blacklist filters can be set up to block unwanted websites
  • Powered by Teltonika  We are proud to have formed a partnership with Teltonika to bring you the powerful Roam router
  • Devices  Up to 50 devices at any one time, including Smart TV’s, Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops
  • Power Options – 12V automotive cigarette Power Supply or can be powered using 230V mains Power Supply
  • Connectivity – Can be wired using the 1.5m Ethernet cable providing a connection directly to a device. Ideal for Smart TV’s
  • Reliable Data Transfer – 0.8m Cable with twist on (SMA) connectors for reliable data transferOther Features
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting support
  • Very easy set up
  • 1 year guaranteeDisclaimer
    Services subject to country and local contract
Type: Omni-directional MIMO (multiple in multiple out)
Frequency: 698MHz to 2700MHz (3G/4G)
Connector Type: SMA
Peak Gain: 698-960MHz: 2.5dBi / 1710-2700MHz: 5.0dBi
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Power: Passive
Cable Lengths: 0.8m (cables extensions available separately)
Housing: Aluminium Base. UV Stable ASA Cover
Dimensions: ø: 196mm x H: 65mm
Weight: 500g
Mounting Accessories: Yes
Router Type: 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
Compatible Speeds: Up to 150Mps
3G/4G Antenna Connector: 2 x SMA
Ethernet Ports: 2 x RJ45 (WAN and LAN)
Connection Devices: Up to 50
External Antennas: 2 x 3G/4G (for external roof mount antenna)
1 x Wi-Fi (for internal whip antenna)
Power Supply: 12V, 1A (includes 12V cigarette adaptor and 230V mains Power Supply)
Power Consumption: 0.4A
Family Browsing: Yes, blacklists and whitelists
Remote Diagnostics: Yes
SIM: Unlocked
Housing: Aluminium
Dimensions: H: 83 x W: 74 x D: 25mm
Weight: 125g


Omni-directional Roof Mount Antenna and Fixings
0.8m cables with SMA connectors
3G/4G and Wi-Fi Router
12V Vehicle Power Supply
120V Mains Power Supply
Router Mounting Bracket and Fixing Kit
1.5m Ethernet Cable
Internal Wi-Fi Antenna