Abarth Audio Stage 2


The Stage 2 Abarth Audio upgrade takes your musical experience to the next level.



Our Stage 2 Abarth Audio upgrade is all about Bass. And plenty of it.

This package includes the Stage 1 Speaker upgrade and adds an Active 8” Audison Bass enclosure to the boot. Don’t be fooled by the size of the enclosure. For those who have had a demo of our own Abarth will well and truly know that this Enclosure is one of the best sounding 8” enclosures available and offers a tremendous amount of bass in such a small package.

We also add some sound deadening to the boot lid as part of this package and a nice little Bass controller is also added up front so you can control the amount of bass you require.

Adding a subwoofer enclosure to the Stage 1 system makes a huge difference to your musical experience as this adds low ends which door speakers simply cannot handle.

You will be amazed at how nice your little pocket rocket now sounds.

This package can also be upgraded to a 10” enclosure for an extra £60.