SmarTrack Maxi S7 Tracker



  • This is a Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) device which will protect your vehicle with Interpol ICPO assistance in over 100 counties
  • IP56 Poly-Prop casing for extra protection
  • See your vehicle via your computer or mobile device without any additional software
  • included in the standard subscription)
  • The vehicle can be viewed online (account on request)
  • Free Android and Apple Global Telemetrics App. Click here for further information
  • Thatcham Approved TQA103 – A secure Insurance certificate will be sent to you
  • Monitored 24 hours a day with Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR Guard and Recovery) in the UK
  • Battery disconnect/low level alert – This can also be seen on your online account
  • Movement Sensor Alert protecting your vehicle in the event of being towed away Vehicle Alarm Alert
  • we will call you in the event of an alarm activation – please see your dealer for this extra
  • a fitting cost may be applicable
  • Fully Transferable (Terms and Conditions apply Click here to view)
  • Small covert black box with Internal Aerial Technology – GPS – GPRS – GSM – LBS
  • 3 year warranty no quibble parts and labour warranty (Extendable to 12 years)
  • Our tracking device is 12 and 24 volt compatible


When it comes to the security of your vehicle, it isn’t just cars and vans that are at risk of being stolen. Plant, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles and marine vehicles are also at risk, which is where the SmarTrack Maxi S7 Tracker comes in. This tracking system has been fully tested for these types of vehicles to Thatcham TQA103 standard.

With its internal aerials and ExtraTuff IP56 Poly Prop casing, this tracker has been designed with extra protection and durability in mind. And as it uses a very small amount of power, it is ideal for the above vehicles.

This tracker offers you the ability to see your vehicle via either a computer or a mobile device without the need for any additional software (this is included in your subscription), and you can also access the free Android and Apple global telemetrics app ensuring you are kept up to date at all times.

There are a number of alerts available on this tracking system, and these can either be seen online, or you can arrange to be called in the event of an alarm being triggered – this is an extra that can be arranged through your dealer.