Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165P.3 2 way 6.5″


Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165P.3, 2-way speaker system with crossover



Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165P.3

An uprated version of the MPK 165.3, The MPK 165P.3 features a reduced impedance which helps to wring more power out of any amplifier it is attached to. The sensitivity is also increased, which offers more output per watt. The boundary-free surround and long excursion provides deep powerful bass, enough to run without a subwoofer in some cases.

Box Quantity: 2

» Power Handling
» Peak W 230 – Continuous W 115
» Impedance 3Ohms
» Frequency response Hz 45 – 22.5k
» Sensitivity dB SPL 93
» Voice coil mm (in.) 25 (1)
» Woofer size mm (in.) 165 (6.5)
» Tweeter size mm (in.) 29 (1.14)
» Woofer magnet High density flux ferrite
» Tweeter magnet Neodymium
» Woofer cone Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibres
» Tweeter dome Tetolon
» Crossover type 2-Way Passive
» Crossover Crossover cut off 4 kHz