BMW Bronze Immobiliser


Want to protect your BMW without breaking the bank? Our BMW Bronze Immobiliser is the perfect choice.



Our BMW Bronze Immobiliser has been carefully selected for its ease of use and excellent value for money and is compatible with both newer Can Bus equipped and non Can Bus cars. 

Sometimes things just need to be simple. This is why our Bronze Immobiliser is based on the fantastic Meta Immobiliser. This system uses a Bluetooth encrypted tag to disarm the system when the tag comes into range of the car.

When exiting the vehicle you simply walk away and the system automatically arms itself after ____seconds. 

The system is supplied with 1 Driver Tag (more can be added if needed) as standard and as long as this tag is not kept with the cars keys then the Meta Immobiliser will also prevent the car from being started if the cars keys are stolen.

Need to give the car in for a service? Or maybe a wash? No Problem. Simply put the system into valet mode meaning you don’t have to hand over the tag and show people what security you have.

The Meta Immobiliser comes with a 3 year warranty and also includes a manual override using your personal pin code just in case you lose your tag. 

This Meta BLE is a fantastic system which provides great security without breaking the bank.