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Frequently Asked Questions 


Is it worth having a tracker for motorhome?

When it comes to recovering stolen motorhomes, high-quality tracking gadgets are quite successful. While trackers may not be able to prevent motorhome theft, they will greatly increase the chances of recovery. A motorhome tracker system can determine the position of a stolen motorhome quickly and precisely, allowing authorities to retrieve it quickly.


What is a S7 tracker?

It is a Thatcham tracker category. Before being certified for installation, all Thatcham approved tracking systems must be developed and manufactured to fulfil stringent Thatcham Category requirements. Because of their low cost of installation, S7 trackers are frequently preferred over better performing trackers.


How much does a tracker cost for motorhomes?

Our motorhome and caravan trackers range from £199.00 to £899.00. This means that there is something available for everyone’s budget.