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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is fleet tracking?

Telematics systems are used to collect data from a full fleet of cars and assets in GPS fleet tracking. This information is beneficial to fleet managers and business owners, who can use it to make calculated business decisions, such as determining which vehicle is best suited for a certain duty.


What are the benefits of vehicle fleet tracking solutions?

There are many benefits of installing a fleet tracking solution to a company vehicle. By lowering engine idling time, fuel consumption, and fuel usage and expenses, a good fleet tracking solution may assist improve driver behaviour.


Is it illegal to track a company vehicle?

Simply put, no. Vehicle monitoring rules, on the other hand, govern how this information is utilised. Because the information obtained by GPS tracking devices regarding employees is considered personal information, it must be handled with caution. As a result, while dealing with this data, the General Data Protection Regulation must be observed. Formulate a reasonable and realistic automobile tracking policy and get your drivers' agreement before handing over a tracking vehicle.