Pandora SMART MOTO Motorbike/Quad Alarm, Tracking & Anti Hi-Jack System


Pandora Smart Moto is a state-of-the-art motorcycle security system specially designed to protect motorcycles. Housed in a waterproof case, the unit features an integrated GPS receiver
and GSM/GPRS modem. A Bluetooth module is also integrated into Pandora Smart Moto, allowing full control and set up from your smartphone. With ultra low power consumption, the Smart Moto consumes only a few milliamperes in the full-operation mode, allowing a bike to stand for long periods of time.



The Pandora SMART MOTO Alarm and Anti Hi-Jack System is a Revolutionary Security Package designed with the Riders Safety and Bike Security being Paramount. This is the Most Advanced Complete Security Package Available on the market today for a motorbike.


The Smart Moto Allows you full access to a Smartphone app, Web based Telematics Suite, and GSM Interface, allowing you Remote access to Arm, Disarm, Locate or immobilise your Ride of choice from Anywhere in the World! With the optional Remote Start system you can even start the bike from the App.

The Package Includes A 4.2 GHZ Rider Tag, Used to detect when the Rider is Present, a dual zone Impact Sensor which alerts the user if the bike is Struck or knocked over, a Tilt Sensor used to detect if the bike is leaned off its axis, or picked up. Even an Accelerometer that sends an Alert if there is Motion, for example if the Bike is “free Wheeled” away from its parking spot, is also included, as well other various Trigger inputs that can be defined by the user, such as Side Stand, Back Brake, Clutch, Ignition, etc.

If the unit is triggered the User Will recieve a Phone Call from the Alarm Stating the Trigger Zone, simultaneously they will also recieve a Push Notification and an Alert via the Smartphone app recording the Alarm Event.

Any attempt to move, disturb, or Start the Bike will lead to an Alarm Alert, which will again trigger an immediate response displayed on the Users App, or Telematics Package, Keeping you one step ahead of anyone trying to interfere with your property.

With up to four immobilisation Circuits and 128 bit Encryption Algorithm offering Protection Against Code Grabbing you know whatever the eventuality, your Pride and Joy is Protected no Matter What!

The Device benefits from extremely low current draw – to help prolong the battery life and even offers a Hibernation mode to combat unnecessary battery discharge. On top of this the SMART MOTO comes with an embeded  Backup Battery allowing the device to function even if power was removed!

The GPS add on Package gives you up to date Location facilities using new Glonass Technology, allowing full Geofencing and Tracking Capability with up to 30 Day Event and Journey History.

The Alarm is able to Monitor the Battery Level on your Bike, and even displays this on the Smartphone app, it is also capable of Starting the Bike Remotely (if remote start is fitted) to Charge the Battery if it detects the on board voltage to be low!*

Anti Hi-Jack Can be seemlessly incorporated into the Installation enabling full autonomous engine Shutdown should a Hi jack situation arise.

Built-in shock
IIntegrated 3D accelerometer and elaborate algorithms allows the system to control the vehicle shock/tilt/motion security zones and make engine blocking on movement starting. New high sensitive and reliable accelerometer provides smart protection and prevents false alarms.

Integrated power back-up
Built-in rechargeable battery allows extending operating time of the system to promptly notify the owner in the cases of an unauthorized disconnection of the onboard power supply.

The SMART MOTO is the most Secure and Comprehensive Interactive Personal Safety and Security System available Today.

  • This Product is Supplied & Fitted at our Workshop