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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best Sat Nav for a motorhome?

This will depend entirely on your budget and the quality you want in a Sat Nav. At Motorhome and Caravans LTD, we commonly recommend checking any user feedback before buying your motorhome Sat Nav and highlighting all the benefits and drawbacks according to users who have purchased it in the past.


Can you use car Sat Navs for motorhomes?

Yes! Although, most motorhomes already have a fully-integrated Sat Nav system that is built into the motorhome or caravan, but can be fitted later. If you are looking for a motorhome that has a built-in Sat Nav, contact Motorhome and Caravans LTD today.


Can you set Google Maps for motorhomes?

IF you have a specific Sat Nav that is supported by Google, then you can possibly set a Google Maps-based Sat Nav for your motorhome. Otherwise, if you have a particular brand for your Sat Nav (such as TomTom – a mapping system used by big brands such as Renault and VW), then your motorhome will simply acquire an alternative map instead.


What is the difference between Sat Nav and GPS?

A Sat Nav (referring to a satellite navigation system) is a term that describes a system that provides direction to where you want to go. For something to qualify as a Sat Nav, it must be built-in mapping and allow you to navigate through that mapping system, whereas a GPS is simply a tracker that tells you where you are.


How does a Sat Nav system work?

A Sat Nav works by working alongside a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite receiver. This satellite calculates your position on earth, which is then aligned with up-to-date digital maps, allowing you to see both your positioning and a digital road map on the screen.