Vodafone Protect & Connect Cat 6 Tracker



  • Pinpoint GPS tracking (accurate to within 10 metres)
  • International GSM coverage
  • European coverage (49 countries worldwide)
  • European Police liaison
  • Tow-away alert
  • Tamper-alert
  • No Police hardware required
  • Detailed history during the theft to facilitate recovery
  • Thatcham Cat 6 accredited
  • Recognised by major insurers
  • Automatic system health check
  • Internal battery back-up
  • My Connected Car Web and App included


With GPS and GSM, the Vodafone Protect and Connect Cat 6 Tracker is a step up from any of the other entry-level trackers that are available on the market. This is a Thatcham Category 6 approved tracking system, the second best there is in the tracker rankings. If you are looking for one of the highest insurance accredited tracking systems there is, then a Category 6 tracking system is ideal for your requirements.

This tracker offers comprehensive coverage for Europe, covering 49 countries in total, including Russia. This offers you peace of mind in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen you know that you will have coverage over a considerable distance. The pinpoint GPS tracking offers a precise location to the control centre of within 10 metres, and with European police support for Vodafone in addition to the UK support, you can be assured that your vehicle can be tracked.

The Vodafone Protect & Connect Cat 6 Tracker is approved by a number of the major car manufacturers and has a number of handy features for added security, including tamper alert, GSM jamming alert and tow-away alert. It also has internal battery back-up to ensure that it is capable of remaining operational at all times.

Subscription options (1st year Included in Install price):

  • £138 inc vat per year