Ford Transit Audio Upgrade


This Ford Transit Audio Upgrade is an absolute must. Vans can have great Audio too.



Most Van owners spend more time in there Vans than Car owners. Why suffer with below par Audio in your van when we can transform the way your van sounds.

The factory Audio system in the Transit Connect is very poor, suffering with lots of vibrations and distortion as soon as you turn the volume up.

This Audison Upgrade is now our go to system and will elevate your musical experience in the van. Your van will now sound like a concert hall with rich Audio and tight bass. This system will out perform pretty much any factory Car Audio system.

We will treat the doors with ample Sound deadening material which is an absolute must when upgrading speakers. We then replace the door speakers with 6.5” Audison drivers. The factory tweeters are also replaced with Audison tweeters and the whole front end is run actively meaning there is a dedicated channel from the Amplifier for each speaker.

The bass is handled by the amazing Audison Active 8” enclosure which has its own built in amplifier which fits perfectly under one of the front seats (10” option also available). We also mount a bass controller on the dash as in the pics to allow control of the level of bass.

The Amplifier of choice is the Amazing Audison 4.9Bit which we tune to perfection using our Audison Bit Tune tuning device.

Upon completion you will be blown away by this upgrade. Night and day is an understatement when talking about this upgrade. You will prefer to take the long way home so you can finish off that Album you have started.

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