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Frequently Asked Questions 


Why is HGV tracking important?

Businesses employ lorry truck monitoring systems to maintain track of all of their heavy goods vehicles. Fleet managers may use heavy goods truck tracking systems to see where their vehicles are, who is driving them, and what jobs are being accomplished at any point in time. Look no further if you're seeking for HGV Trackers to safeguard and secure your lorry. Our comprehensive range of heavy goods vehicle tracking systems here at Motorguards can provide a complete solution from equipment to installation and support.


Is it against the law to track a company vehicle?

Rules for vehicle tracking, on the other hand, control how this data is used. Because the data collected by GPS monitoring devices about employees is considered personal data, it must be treated with care. As a result, the General Data Protection Regulation must be followed while dealing with this information. Before handing over a monitoring car, formulate an acceptable and practical automotive tracking policy and gain your drivers' approval.