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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is having a car tracker fitted important?

Vehicle security is significant as statistics reveal that a car is stolen every five minutes in the UK. With a GPS car tracker installed, you can track the whereabouts of your vehicle in real time from any place. In the circumstance it is stolen, having a tracker fitted will allow you to track its whereabouts and notify the appropriate authorities for a quick recovery.


How do vehicle car trackers work?

Car tracking devices work primarily through GPS satellite navigation. Each car sends a signal to satellites in orbit. This data is then transmitted to a computer. The vehicle information is then shown in the form of maps on the user interface. This allows the registered vehicle owner to keep track of the car's speed and specific location.


Is tracking an employee's car illegal?

No. However, there are vehicle tracking laws in place to regulate how this data is used. Because the data gathered by GPS monitoring devices about employees is considered personal data, it must be treated with care. As a result, the General Data Protection Regulation must be followed while dealing with this information. Formulate a logical and practical car tracking policy and obtain your drivers' permission before providing them with a tracking vehicle.


What does being Thatcham car tracker approved mean?

Thatcham Approved Trackers are car tracking devices that have passed Thatcham's rigorous safety standards. When you use a Thatcham Approved Tracker, you can be certain that it has been approved by a number of renowned automobile manufacturers, and that if it is stolen, it will most likely be recovered swiftly and securely returned to you.