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Frequently Asked Questions 


How often do vans get broken into?

In 2020, vans accounted for three of the top three most stolen automobiles. Every 23 minutes, a vehicle is broken into and the tools are stolen. This equates to around 62 daily thefts. In 2020, Logistics UK revealed that van theft had affected more than a third of enterprises. A recent survey reveals van-related crime is on the rise in the UK, costing businesses £61.9 million in stolen equipment and other property since 2016.


How can I make my van more secure?

Always lock your van when it's unattended and secure any tools and valuables by removing them from the vehicle when it is not in use. We also recommend investing in premium quality van security solutions. These include high security van security locks, van deadlocks, and tool storage.


How effective are deadlocks on vans?

For optimum van security completely independent of the manufacturer's lock, we highly recommend investing in a van deadlock. Deadlocks have a locking mechanism that is turned manually using a key or thumb turn. To pry the bolt back, a large amount of force is required. As a result, they are very effective.