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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a midrange speaker?

Mid-range car speakers are designed to handle the spectrum's 'middle' region, which spans 250 to 2000Hz and is considered the most significant for human hearing. Because mid-range speakers for cars cannot create the extremes of the low and high frequencies, they tend to sound dull or flat, and they need the help of a woofer or tweeter to provide the entire range of sound.


Are mid-range speakers and coaxial speakers the same?

No. Coaxial speakers come standard in a new automobile off the assembly line and can generate a wide spectrum of sounds. They are two speakers with the same central axis that can produce a wide range of sounds and frequencies. Mid-range speakers, on the other hand, are cone-shaped and belong to the component speaker family. They offer higher sound quality and are more configurable than coaxial speakers. Woofers, tweeters, and other speakers are frequently used in combination with mid-range speakers.


Should midrange be higher than bass?

It's ideal to have a well-balanced automobile radio sound system. You should choose a preset based on your musical preferences and then customise it to fit your needs. As a general guideline, the bass, mid, and treble should be tuned at a 4:5 ratio. Be careful not to alter the bass too much, as otherwise, your music will start to sound distorted.