Meta Trak Cat 5 Tracker



  • Professional Stolen Vehicle Tracking
  • Secure Operating Centre Monitoring
  • Latest satellite location technology
  • Thatcham Category 5 compliant
  • Driver Recognition
  • Engine Immobilisation
  • Insurance Approved
  • Journey Scoring
  • Journey history
  • Real-time tracking via app/web
  • Smartphone App
  • Web Portal
  • 3yr Warranty
  • European Coverage


The Meta Trak Cat 5 Tracker, a Thatcham quality-assured Cat 5 tracker offering you all of the everyday features to ensure that you can keep track of your vehicle. This insurance-approved system comes with a three-year guarantee for your own peace of mind that your vehicle is secure.

The system is suitable for use with all 12-volt vehicles including vans, offers battery monitoring alerts, tow away alerts and even a driver-score profile. Access to the latest satellite technology means that this tracker can also provide you with a journey history and live Google traffic info. This becomes very handy when out and about and if you have strict timescales.

The Meta Trak Cat 5 Tracker, in short, is a very useful everyday tracking device that will give you control over the location of your vehicle. This is thanks to the built-in GPS transmitter; and, because you can control the information that you receive from it, you can make sure it works for you.

Other features that you may find useful from this tracker include driver recognition, engine immobilisation and European coverage. This tracker has the benefit of a smartphone app and a web portal so you can use real-time tracking via either option.

Subscription options (1st year Included in Install price) :

  • £149.95 per year.
  • £399.95 for 3 years.