The Meta M43 is a Passive Arming, Two Circuit (RFID) Immobiliser, Supplied with Two Driver
Recognition Cards as well as an Emergency Override Touch Key, Disarms when the Driver
Card is Within Two Metres and has a Single Wire Central Locking Command and Horn Output.

Immobilser with ADR Driver Recognition Cards

The Touch key is only used in the event of the battery in the ADR tag going flat. The unit will passive arm after 20 seconds and will remain immobilised until the Driver Recognition Cards and ignition key are present.

This device is ideal if you want the best security, but don’t want to enter a code every time you get inside the vehicle. This really is a no hassle product, simply get in and drive away.

If in the event a thief gets inside the vehicle without the ADR card the vehicle will be fully immobilised, the emergency touch key responder can be hidden / mounted in an unseen location making it impossible for  anyone to know what is fitted or how they could bypass it.