Hertz Mille Pro MPCX 2TM 2 way Crossover


Hertz Mille Pro 2-Way Mid/Treble Crossover



Hertz Mille Pro MPCX 2TM

This passive crossover featuring high quality components, is optimised for the MP25.3 tweeter and MP 70.3 mid-range speakers when used in a 3-way amplified set up.

With setting for +2dB the crossover and utilising of low loss components you can be certain of the finest performance befitting of this fantastic speaker line.

» 1. Two-position (0 / +2 dB) switch for tweeter level adjustments, to fine-tune the transducers emission.
» 2. 160V extremely high quality bi-metal polyester film capacitors with ultra-low damping factor, for maximum sound transparency and neat mid/hi-frequencies.
» 3. 1mm pure copper wire low series resistance inductors, for low dissipation losses in the mid-range section where high transient currents are demanded.
» 4. Small footprint design for easy installation, with top vent grille for efficient heat dissipation.
» 5. Passive crossover specifically developed for MP 70.3 and MP 25.3 when installed in a 3-way multi-amplification system and combined with an MP 165.3/ MP 165P.3 woofer actively driven.