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Frequently Asked Questions


What does a head unit do?

The car head unit is the system in the vehicle's centre console that handles the audio, navigation (if available), and temperature control systems. The original head unit was designed exclusively for music playback and had only minimal controls (play or skip track). As new technologies were added to vehicles, such as GPS navigation systems and Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone calls, car manufacturers began adding extra functionality to vehicle head units.


Will a new head unit make my speakers louder?

Yes. Sound processing and amplification components in a modern, aftermarket head unit are usually superior. As a result, this increases the sound quality of your car's speakers. Even little improvements to your audio system can significantly improve your entire listening experience. Your music will sound better if you have a good head unit.


Is an aftermarket head unit upgrade worth it?

Absolutely! Most aftermarket head units come with technologically advanced features like social media browsing, Bluetooth connectivity, and music streaming from your phone. If you enjoy music, investing in a new head unit will certainly be a wise decision.