Engine Remapping

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Here at Motorguard we can now offer a full Engine Remapping and Engine Tuning service for most makes and models of vehicles ranging from cars to vans and motor homes.

Most vehicle manufacturers will always place certain restrictions on engines to take into consideration poor maintenance, low quality fuel and other factors which can affect an engines life span.

As long as you look after your vehicle following service schedules as recommended by the manufactures and use decent quality fuel then our engine remapping and Engine Tuning service removes these limitations so that you can use your vehicle to its maximum potential within safe limits.

All engines have certain tolerances. This is proven by the fact that a lot of manufacturers use the same engine in two or more cars yet one model offers better performance whilst one offers better fuel economy. Or one year a manufacturer releases a face lift model of a car with the same engine but improved performance/fuel economy. This is simply achieved by adjusting the vehicles map to achieve the desired results.

This is what we offer and with our Engine Remapping and Tuning service. We read the vehicles original map which is stored on the ECU. We then reprogram certain parameters on the map depending on what you want to achieve.

We offer two levels of Engine Remapping (tuning) options for most vehicles. An Economy Engine Tuning option or a Performance Engine Tuning option.

Our Economy Engine Remapping Tuning is proving very popular as it adjusts your vehicles software in order to improve the MPG of the vehicle whilst making the vehicle smoother to drive. Typical fuel savings of 10-20% can be achieved in most cases along with more torque and power.

This service is very popular to fleet customers looking to reduce their fuel bills and carbon footprint.

Our Performance Engine Remapping Tuning ensures that you get a unique power upgrade which is of course within TUV approved levels without any worry about the running of the vehicle.

Once your Performance Engine tuning has been carried out you will feel the additional power and the vehicle will feel a lot smoother to drive.

None of the Engine tuning files put any additional wear and tear to any vehicle. In fact they usually reduce strain to components such as the gearbox and clutch.

Our Engine remapping Tuning comes with a No quibble 7 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy we will reprogram your original file and refund you your money. For your peace of mind our Engine Remapping Tuning also comes with a 3 year warranty and insurance. The Engine Remapping Tuning is also undetectable to the main dealer diagnostic equipment.