BMW System 1


Excellent starting point for BMW owners wanting to improve there BMW’s sound quality.



Our System 1 is an excellent starting point for those people wanting to improve the sound of there BMW.

This system is supplied with the excellent Audison Prima 2 way Component speakers set which comes with 4″ midrange speakers, tweeters and a set of passive crossovers.

These speakers directly replace the factory speakers with no cutting of any factory cables so you will not have any problems with warranty on the car.

We will also sound deaden the front doors using Skinz Sound deadening material. This in our opinion is an essential part of the package and will help the speakers perform to there absolute best. Applying the sound deadening material is more time consuming than fitting the actual speakers but is a vital ingredient to get the absolute best from the speakers being fitted.

This package takes around 4-5 hours to install and you will immediately notice an improvement in the clarity of the sound in the car.

PLEASE NOTE: if your car has no factory tweeter mounting locations then we can either order the original panels from BMW (incurs additional charge which is dependent on vehicle) or replace the speakers with the Audison Prima Co Axial speakers (cost is reduced by £40)