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Frequently Asked Questions


Do car amplifiers make a difference?


Yes. Car amplifiers enhance a low-voltage electrical audio signal from the head unit to a greater voltage, working to improve poor audio signal. They amplify sound to overcome road noise, and boost the clarity and intelligibility of music. While a factory car audio system can be improved by adding additional speakers, a new head unit and a separate amplifier offer greater speaker options.


Can I use an amplifier without a subwoofer?


Yes, as long as the amplifier has a crossover or filter that prevents the subwoofer frequencies from being played. Without it, a high-powered amplifier would easily kill midrange and tweeter speakers, as low frequencies require a lot more power.


How do I know if I need an amplifier for my car speakers? 


If you are experiencing distortion at your ideal volume, you most likely require an amplifier. This will significantly improve the performance of your audio system.


Are Audison amplifiers good?


Audison amplifiers are designed for music enthusiasts looking for a discreet way to improve the quality of their automobiles. They were named “Amplifier of the Year” at both the CES and the EISA Awards, and are without a doubt the finest in the business for automobile audio.


Where are Audison amplifiers made?


Audison is an Italian brand launched in 1979 by Pietro Pantaleone and Emidio Vagnoni in Potenza Picena, Italy. It is part of the Elettromedia S.R.L. brand family and has always been committed to automotive audio with near-exclusiveness.