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Vehicle specific Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) Conversion Kits.

This kit is available for most European based Motorhomes 

General principles and advantages of our HID Kits:

  • Fully Road Legal
  • 300%-375% brighter than the average equivalent 60 watt halogen lighting (depending on which version system). 3 TIMES MORE BRIGHTER
  • Draws only 35watts or 50 Watts (again depending on which system you choose) from the vehicles electrical / charging system compared to 55 / 60 watts for halogen systems.
  • The xenon bulb will last up to 10 times longer than a standard halogen bulb.
  • Fully magnetically and EM shielded, thus no interference with on board electronics etc , unlike cheaper HID systems ( which can affect or even disable ECUs , airbag systems, wiper control , anti lock brakes !! )
  • Includes resistors/capacitors as required to prevent check-control or dash warning lights
  • Waterproof connections for external uses
  • Simple to install, plug and play wiring harness

Once you have driven a vehicle with xenon HID you will never again want to drive a car with normal "dim dirty yellow " halogen head

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