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Clifford BlackJax

Clifford BlackJax
Brand: Clifford
Stock Type: This item is fitted at our branch
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Price: £399.00
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Carjacking Response & Vehicle Recovery System BlackJax is Cliffords unique anti-carjacking response system that puts personal safety first while using innovative advancements to ensure that users can recover the vehicle themselves. If an armed car thief approaches whether at a stoplight or in a parking lot (where most carjackings occur) immediately turn over the keys and remote and let Clifford technology take over. BlackJax is fully automatic: no buttons or transmitters to push when a gun is involved. Just get away from the vehicle. BlackJax allows the criminal to drive away a safe distance. Then, a few seconds later, BlackJax blares the siren and flashes the lights to alert other drivers and witnesses. It then pulses down the ignition system to safely force the vehicle to slow to a complete stop. For a more detailed description of this product, Please Click Here

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