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Pandora Immo

Pandora Immo
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The Pandora Immo is a very discreet system which works with your original vehicles remote control or keyless entry system. The Pandora Immo uses tags / ADR cards to disarm the immobiliser once the tag is in range of the vehicle. The tag / ADR card sits on the vehicles key's and submits a secure signal 128bit on the 868Mhz wavelength meaning it can't be cloned or key scanned like other alarm and immobiliser products on the market. This device is just an immobiliser only but the system is very effective.

Immobilizer Pandora Immo is a high-tech safeguard system that is intended to prevent car theft attempts and hijacking. It can be used on modern cars without damaging of original electronic systems. This system that is designed with using high-efficient integrated solutions is convenient and reliable. This immobilizer has a built-in three-coordinate accelerometer (motion sensor) that allows blocking engine when starts moving. It prevents device detection and allows for remote start and engine preheating to operate without deactivation of anti-theft immobilizer function. System’s RF tag has a smallest size among similar systems and the highest energy efficiency. ‘Proximity detection of the owner’ programmable algorithm detects either RF tag is approaching or distancing from the car, bringing anti-theft and anti-robbery function to a new level.

Product Description

Dialog coding of control commands.

Individual 128-bit encryption key.

Built-in integral accelerometer for determining motion.

Built-in module 2,4 GHz with Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy support.

Monitoring of on-board voltage.

Built-in blocking relay.

Status output to enable additional functions.

Antihijack 1 and Antihijack 2.

Pandect BT mobile app.

Immobilizer tag

Dialog coding of control commands.

Button to enable/disable maintenance/valet mode.

Individual 128-bit encryption key.

Built-in LED indicator.

Built-in integral accelerometer.

CR-2032 battery.

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